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Leonardo O Ramirez G is an Entrepreneur, Success Strategist & Mentor, Coach, Keynote Speaker, Consultant, Senior Enterprise Architect and Internet Marketer. His specialized skills define a client's business directions, create solutions, develop a social media cross-channel strategy, and integrate market trends and industry trends. He begins with an assessment, develops business cases to final digital business models developing an operating model then proven business strategy.  He has worked with major corporations, medium and small businesses. His travels of global change reflect in the seminars he has given in Italy, China, United States, Spain, Colombia, Peru, Holland and Chile to various organizations which include professional and personal transformations using Enterprise Architecture and Coaching. A kidnapping threat forced him into bankruptcy and his life changed 180 degrees. That event moved him

to inspire and instruct others on how to improve their lives and achieve their goals. Leonardo also is a publisher author. His book, "The Magic of Being Present with Success" is available on Amazon.


Master Strategist