Personal & Professional


Jovo Ivekich has worked in the field's of Architecture, Landscape, Fiber Telecommunications and Construction over the past 15 years. He is the founding Principal of firm since 2008. Over the years Jovo has successfully worked on an international portfolio of over 500 million dollars in assets. He has studied extensively natural patternization and design, and the effects that our feelings have in  the environments that we create.  He has been asked to collaborate on federal, corporate and private projects where his Unorthodox and visionary approach to natural patterns and habit formations has become world renowned. He has a degree in Environmental Architecture and Planning and the Matrixx Masters program. Jovo’s post graduate studies have been in the field of design, engineering and personal development   He continues to study conscious higher thinking, patterns of thoughts, Human Mind potential and the ability to Quantum Think into results. He is married to a wonderful woman and they have two beautiful daughters. They currently live just off Lake Michigan in the United States.  Jovo loves to help people see the patterns in nature as it relates to their lives. Having a conversation with Jovo is like traveling through space and time.  His visionary approach to simplifying even the most complex ideas have made him in a league all by himself.

Master Visionary